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Winter skin care for your baby

Posted on 23rd May, 2019

Winter weather can be tough on baby’s tender skin. Here are a few tips you can remember and put into action to keep your baby’s skin soft and healthy.

Use comfortable clothing: Dress your baby in breathable layers. Clothe your baby depending on the room temperature and opt for clothes that fully cover the body of the baby. But make sure, the clothes are not constricting the movement of the baby. Gloves and socks are also recommended.

Massage your baby well: Massaging your baby is highly recommended by doctors. The act of massaging stimulates the blood flow within the body of the baby and increases the sense of well-being, which indirectly boosts the immunity within your baby. It is important to maintain a warm atmosphere when massaging your baby.

Don’t use a lot of products: Applying lotions and creams is fine. But don’t overdo it. In the attempt to keep your baby clean and safe from infection, you might give him/her numerous baths, which further exposes him/her to soaps and shampoos. These rob your little one’s skin from the existing moisture and make it dry. Water baths during winters are fine but opt for using bathing bars only once or twice a week.

Soup in the diet plan: If your baby has reached the age where he/she can start going for solids, winter is the perfect time to introduce him/her to soups. If possible, try including some garlic with the soup, as it is known to be a natural remedy for treating many winter ailments.

Taking care while stepping outdoors: Unless it is freezing outdoors, it is fine to step out of the house once in a while to get some fresh air. Protect your baby from head to toe before taking him/her out. Make sure that your baby’s toes are on the cooler side and the tummy is on the warmer side. This is the ideal way to maintain your baby’s body at the right temperature.

Maintaining personal hygiene: Since parents are the first point of contact for a child it is necessary for you to maintain your personal hygiene as a step towards protecting your baby. Washing your hands and disinfecting them with a sanitizer is recommended before attending to your baby. Inform the visitors and guests to do the same as well.

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