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Tired all the time? Change your diet!

Posted on 27th Mar, 2017

The good news is avoiding fatigue and tiredness is not really rocket science. Here are some things to avoid and simple changes you should be making to your diet right now.


Choose your carbohydrate intake carefully. Avoid sweets, drinks with high sugar content, to prevent high sugar levels and ultimately keep away fatigue. However, the carb-rich foods you must choose are milk, oatmeal, soy, apricots, etc. These are usually low-glycemic.


The most simple and basic must on the list. At least 10 cups of water must be consumed every day, to reduce dehydration and keep tiredness away. A tip to remember about liquids – cut down on caffeine. Do not consume more than 300 mg to keep drowsiness away.

Fruits & Vegetables

Orange, Bananas, Apple, Pears, and vitamin-rich food should be a part of your diet. Also, cooked vegetables and salads are great!


Never skip breakfast. Your breakfast should always be protein-rich. Consumption of cereals, smoothies, oatmeals, whole-grain rich food, yogurt, etc is the best way to start your day.


Low meat, especially missing red meat in your diet might be the reason you are tired! Always include steaks in your diet. Also, protein-rich and fatty foods like fish, turkey, eggs, pork, and bacon must be on the list. For the vegetarians, there is always tofu and nuts to keep you energetic.


Snacking and eating at regular intervals is compulsory. Don’t let your calorie intake drop by skipping meals. Three meals a day and snacking with lentil soup, nuts, avocado, berries, and other fiber-rich fruits and vegetables is the way to go!

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