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Tips to keep your baby’s skin healthy

Posted on 29th Feb, 2020

As your baby hits the second year, it’s time for him/her to wear proper clothes that too more often. With that, your obsession with how the skin or hair of your baby was turning out, comes to a halt. But your baby’s skin demands just as much attention as he/she needed as an infant. This is when the question arises, what should one do to retain the beauty of their baby’s skin? To answer the question, here are a few skincare tips for your baby:

Start with a regular bath

As your baby grows, he/she has the chance of getting dirty more often than earlier. Also, your baby will have developed a skin that will not dry out with everyday bathing. So don’t skip daily baths. To maintain the gentleness of your baby’s skin, go for syndets rather than regular soaps. Syndets do not contain fragrances or harmful chemicals that disturb the barrier of your baby’s skin.

Keep your baby hydrated

Make sure that your baby drinks enough water. It not only helps in the proper functioning of your little one but also helps keep his/her skin soft and supple. It is recommended that children between the age of 1 and 3 must drink around 1.3 liters of water a day.

Moisturize the baby’s skin

Be it summer or winter, make sure to moisturize your baby’s surface within three minutes after bath and towelling off. Every time you take your baby out in the sun, he/she must have sunscreen applied, be it any weather or location. Sunscreen for babies should have ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc dioxide. While choosing the creams for your child’s skin, opt for the ones that don’t contain fragrances and harmful chemicals.

Diaper-free time 

Schedule a time for your baby when he/she can be free from the diaper. It allows the toddler’s skin to breathe a little. Also, it helps in preventing rashes or irritation on the baby’s delicate skin.

Practice a healthy diet

It’s time for you to focus on your child’s diet. Even if your baby is on your feed, you will still need to include a variety of healthy foods that could offer healthy fats. This keeps the skin of your baby soft and glossy. Try adding fruits such as avocados and salmon in the daily diet for better results.

Remember, skin care is essential for your baby, especially during his/her growing years. If you have any queries or doubts, it is advised to visit your dermatologist to take an expert opinion.

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