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Tips to keep the skin healthy in teenagers

Posted on 9th Jan, 2020

Though teenage is a precious time to cherish, it brings a myriad of challenges to handle. While you deal with the pressure of studies and struggle with figuring out what you want to become in life, you might encounter problems such as hormonal imbalance, conflicts, and then arises the mind-bogging issue – the changing skin during teenage. You might have occasional breakouts on your skin and lose your sleep over that acne that has just erupted. With the hormonal imbalance, there is a higher chance of enlargement of oil glands leading to blackheads and acne pores. But with proper care and a healthy regimen, it’s possible to have a skin that dazzles. Here’s how:

Identify your skin type

It is vital to determine your skin type as what goes well for the others of your age might not go for you. Every skin has different needs. Know your skin type, and when you do, you will get the hang of how to care for your skin. But you can condition your skin irrespective of its kind with a proper regimen.

Here are a few tips you need to follow to get healthy, glowing skin:

Wash your face 

Wash your skin the first thing as soon as you wake up in the morning to remove the sebum that secreted during the night as you slept away. Before and after you hit the gym or went out, wash your face to get rid of the dust, sweat, and germs you gathered along. Carry face wipes with you to clean your face as and when required.

Remove makeup

Don’t forget to remove your make up before you hit the bed. Going to sleep with makeup on will lead to the formation of bumpy rashes and cause an acne breakout.

Cosmetic hygiene

Don’t share your makeup products with others. Sharing cosmetics is highly unhygienic. The same goes for using combs, hairbrushes, and shaving kit. Opting for the right amount of makeup is as important as avoiding heavy makeup to protect the skin from damages. 

Drink water often and follow a healthy diet 

Water is the top-secret to get healthy skin, as hydrating yourself keeps your skin glowing. Also, the intake of a lot of fruits and vegetables helps to maintain healthy skin. Avoid deep-fried foods as they contribute to acne breakouts. Check for food allergies that might lead to breakouts or rashes to identify what kind of food is not helping your skin.

Get ample sleep

Sleep deprivation is one of the culprits of several skin ailments, including acne. Poor sleep leads to dark circles and uneven toned skin. Getting the right amount of sleep would do wonders for your skin.

Stay out of myths

Don’t go by word of mouth remedies that someone tells you to follow. If your friend tells you that putting toothpaste on your acne will help it heal faster, take it as an old wives’ tale. Toothpaste only makes it worse if your skin is allergic to any of its ingredients. 

Consult your dermatologist if you have any underlying skin problems, or for removal of blackheads or acne medication. Teenage might be a passing cloud, but taking care of your skin today is essential to retain glorious skin for tomorrow. Just pay attention to these tips to help gain healthy skin.

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