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Tips on skin care

Posted on 19th Sep, 2016

It helps when you know what your skin type is so that one can select the most appropriate products. Common skin types are normal, oily, dry, and sensitive. Some people have a combination of skin types.

The type of skin depends upon various factors:

  • Water content
  • Oil content
  • Level of sensitivity.


Normal skin:

Thought not being problematic, normal skin also requires nourishment, cleaning, and moisturizing.

  • In the morning, cleanse your face with alcohol-free tonic and moisturize it with a mild cream.
  • If you use make-up, have quality ones to put on your face. Before going to sleep, wash your face with a bar of mild soap and dry it with a napkin.
  • Once a week, use an egg yolk mask and rejuvenate your face skin. Do not forget to take care of your body, as well.


Dry skin:

You have invisible pores around the face and more visible lines. The texture is usually rough and will project a dull complexion. Your skin is less elastic and will be prone to red patches.

  • Cleanse your skin with goat milk soap as it will make it smooth and develop the texture.
  • Buy natural cleaning products and don’t scrub while bathing or drying.
  • Use a humidifier and avoid exposure to hot temperatures.
  • Apply moisturizer after the bath and oils and options may also work. Avoid deodorant soaps.


Oily skin:

They have enlarged pores, dull or shiny skin complexion. People with this skin type are the most prone to blackheads, pimples, and other kinds of blemishes in their skin.

Wear gloves while using cleaning agents, solvents, and household detergents.

When exposed to drying agents, the skin may crack up and become itchy or irritated, especially on the back of arms, legs, and hands.

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