1. Avoid Products With Lots of Chemicals

There are many things that cause eczema outbreaks. However, for a fact that it’s just a little too harsh for children with eczema-prone skin. With that being said, take note of any products you use, and how long after you apply them your child experiences a hint of eczema. Everyday products like soaps, sunscreens and shampoos can be extra drying but also contain chemicals in them that just don’t react well to skin.

2. Use Dye and Fragrance-Free Detergents

Your laundry detergent has an effect on your skin, especially for eczema-prone kids it can definitely be a factor. Swap your detergent with the lovely smell for a fragrance and dye free version. Something that has fewer irritants. If your kids are having non-stop breakouts of eczema, consider taking out all their sheets and laundry and doing a wash in the new detergent to rid from their clothes of any lingering irritants.

3. Keep Nails Trimmed

Consistent scratching can make eczema look and feel worse. Until the inflammation is down, your toddler will want to scratch to relieve the itching on their skin. Keep their nails trimmed so that even if they do scratch, they won’t tear or end up hurting the wounds even more and prolong healing.

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a great product for eczema because it packs tons of moisture and it has healing properties as well. The best time to apply oil is straight out of the bath, while the skin is still wet. Before drying, liberally apply coconut oil and then pat dry with a towel. This will help bring a lot of relief to the itchiness and will cure the skin in some time.

5. Avoid Heat

Hot environments can cause breakouts, and make your child feel the irritation. On particular, hot days (when the heat almost feels prickly) try and stay indoors to avoid sweating. To further prevent sweating, try and dress your kid in loose clothing that allows good airflow. Only give warm baths. The hot temperature can dry out skin which makes eczema even worse!