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Things to avoid to age elegantly

Posted on 22nd May, 2019

There is a huge contrast between aging and aging graciously. You can find older people who become too sluggish as they age and people who glow like a fine wine as years pass by. There is always something special about the latter. The persona they carry around them wherever they go makes the place a bit brighter.

But to age elegantly, along with the usual haves there are a few have-nots to be followed which are listed below:


Wear lighter makeup. Accept the fact that you can no longer look like your younger self but can look your best in your own skin with lesser makeup.

Excess salt intake

Intake of sodium in higher amounts can trigger high blood pressure. Ageing elegantly is not only about keeping your outside gleaming but also about keeping your insides healthy. So don’t go beyond 20 percent of the daily recommended intake of sodium.


Stop being negative and surround yourself with positive vibes. Smile a lot and distance yourself from negative people. People who lead a happy life are less prone to coronary heart disease and have an increased life expectancy.

Watching Television

Binge watching TV once in a while is fine but considering television as a medium to spend your time is not the best option especially when you’re aging. An Australian study has found that for every hour spent on watching TV after 25 is found to reduce the life expectancy by 22 minutes. So, excessive time spent on watching TV can make you more vulnerable to aging pitfalls like social isolation. So get out of your couch and be socially active.

Excessive Exposure to Sun

It’s normal for your skin to develop lines and wrinkles as you age but don’t allow it to worsen your skin. Prevention is better than cure. So protect your skin with suitable sunscreen lotions before falling prey to wrinkles and sunspots.


Manage your stress. Don’t let it take the lead and tame it well. Meditate, exercise or go for a short walk and keep the stress at bay. It’s highly beneficial for both your outer self and inner self.


Too much of anything is good for nothing. Avoid over drinking, overeating and excessive consumption of whatever that hastens your aging process.

Best wishes for elegant aging!

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