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Things People With Hyperhidrosis Wish You Knew

Posted on 8th Nov, 2019

Hyperhidrosis, commonly called excessive sweating, can be devastating for the people having it, making them feel embarrassed and isolated all the time. It plays a part in all major and minor decisions of their life and makes them cautious about everything – the clothes they wear, the places they go, the career choices they make.

People who have hyperhidrosis are too embarrassed to talk about it, hence the medical condition remains to be misunderstood and underrepresented. So, we have come up with a few facts that people with hyperhidrosis would like the non-sweaty folks to know.

Fact #1. Hyperhidrosis make them think twice
A lot of people think people with hyperhidrosis are just sweaty, but the condition is more than what it is told to be. It affects every aspect of their lives, making them think twice before making a choice. They are particularly wary about their clothing and footwear as these might spoil the best moments of their life. They are not only concerned about themselves but also feel a bit more cautious about handling babies and getting in contact with fellow beings.

Fact #2. Their clothing choices aren’t weird
The clothes preferred by people with hyperhidrosis are perceived to be weird whereas it’s only their honest attempt to hide the sweat stains on their outfits. They are often bothered about the sweat marks on the chair, as they stand every time.

Fact #3. Sweating is not something to be ashamed about
People with hyperhidrosis are too embarrassed to speak up and seek help because of the looks they get from people around them, leaving the condition under-recognized and under-treated. It is time to understand that it was just a medical condition that needs consultation and treatment from a dermatologist.

Fact #4. Social events give them nightmares
Hyperhidrosis is socially, emotionally and professionally isolating. It impacts the quality of life and mental health of people with hyperhidrosis. The reason they don’t join you for an event is not that they didn’t desire to, but that they didn’t want their condition from preventing them from having a good time.

Bottom line
The next time you see someone suffering from such a condition, avoid passing looks and give them the space they deserve.

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