A new protection
for babykind.
Tedibar Body Wash.

Inspired by the protection you mommies provide, we created the all-new Tedibar Body Wash, especially for your baby’s sensitive skin. Its mild surfactants and skin-friendly pH 5.5 protects the baby’s natural acid mantle. This keeps the skin clean, moisturised and protected.

Designed for your
lil one’s bath.
From day one.

Your baby’s sensitive skin needs protection from day one. Consistent protection in the first year will ensure healthy, soft and supple skin, now and in the future.

Prevents dryness and rashes

Keeps the skin well hydrated

Gently cleanses without removing the essential lipids from the skin

Your baby’s skin is precious.
Protect it with expertise.

When it comes to your baby, the skin is our priority. Designed by the makers of the trusted Tedibar, Tedibar Body Wash provides the protection that parents have come to know and trust from Curatio.

  • Skin-friendly pH 5.5

  • 100% Soap-free

  • Dermatologically tested

  • Paraben-free & toxin-free

Designed for bathing convenience

We understand that bathing a newborn isn’t easy. Which is why
Tedibar Body Wash is designed to make baths easier, and babies feel more protected.


To open, unclip from the pump and rotate it anti-clockwise.


Pump an adequate amount of Tedibar Body Wash onto your palm or a soft wash cloth.


Lather and gently apply to baby’s skin. Rinse thoroughly.


Post bath, pat dry your baby gently with care. Moisturise your baby within 2-3 minutes to seal moisture.

Protecting the acid mantle with love.

  • The baby’s skin is thinner in comparison to your skin. Especially in the first 21 days post birth it is even more vulnerable. So choosing the right product with skin-friendly pH is extremely important.

  • Maintaining skin pH at 5.5 supports your baby’s natural acid mantle – the skin’s first protective layer.

  • A healthy skin barrier ensures your baby’s sensitive skin doesn’t get dry or prone to rashes and infections.

  • Using the 100% soap-free Tedibar Body Wash with pH 5.5 ensures your baby’s natural acid mantle and skin is protected.

Protect babykind.
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