Your baby’s bathing buddy.

Make baby bath time fun time, thanks to Tedibar, a carefully-developed, thoughtful baby bathing bar for your littlest bundle of joy.

Trusted. Gentle. Effective.

Made with pH 5.5

Tedibar is made with pH 5.5 that protects, cleans and keeps your baby’s skin naturally healthy.

Gentle for Baby

No parabens. No alkalis. A syndet base that is safe and gentle for your baby’s skin, to use every day.

Prevents Dryness

Tedibar soothes your baby’s sensitive skin, leaving it perfectly soft, smooth, heavenly-smelling, and in turn prevents rashes and dryness.

Dermatologically tested

Tedibar is dermatologically tested, so that you can truly focus on what really matters.

Tedibar. For a better bath time.

Ready for some clean, good fun? Tedibar, your baby’s bathing buddy, makes bath time magical.

Prep – Check the temperature of the water with your elbow. Ensure it is lukewarm, not hot or cold. Keep a towel ready within hand’s distance.

Wash – Apply Tedibar on your hands and gently massage your baby’s skin. Start with the chest, and work your way down to the diaper area and legs. Finally, apply on the face and wash off immediately.

Rinse – Rinse away Tedibar’s suds gently from the baby’s skin.

Store – Ensure you place Tedibar back on the drain tray provided. This ensures the longevity of the bar.

Dry – After the bath is done, quickly wrap your baby in a soft towel and thoroughly pat dry every part of the baby’s skin.

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