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Stay warm this winter without agitating your psoriasis

Posted on 6th Jan, 2020

Winter is the most beautiful time of the year when everyone should have their best time, even if you’re someone with psoriasis. Though cold weather can make psoriasis symptoms worse, there is a lot you can do to enjoy the joys of the season without succumbing to flare-ups. 

Reasons for worsening of psoriasis in winter

Cold weather extracts moisture from your skin, which is already at a premium. It keeps more people indoors, where heaters dry out the skin and trigger flare-ups. Cold temperatures can make psoriasis in joints more painful.

Need not worry. We have got you covered with our tips for staying warm without making your symptoms worse.

Forget your jackets

The multi-layered, puffy jackets may keep the cold out, but it can worsen the flares. Instead of a big coat, try wearing several layers of cotton. This fabric is a smarter choice for people with psoriasis as it breathes better. On the other hand, synthetics, nylon, and polyester lack the absorbing properties of cotton, making you sweat more.

Warm-up with soup

As a child, you might have enjoyed coming indoors to a steaming bowl of tomato soup, after a day spent playing in the snow with your friends. Continue this childhood tradition by eating warm foods like soups and stews. Hot beverages help you stay warm. But ensure to watch your caffeine intake as it might trigger your psoriasis.

Opt for light therapy

Light therapy or phototherapy is a perfect treatment option for people with psoriasis. Ultraviolet light is used to penetrate the affected skin during this procedure. It clears up existing symptoms of psoriasis and prevents future flare-ups. 

Plan a psoriasis-friendly vacation

Schedule your vacation with your psoriasis in mind. Prefer places that can help you relax while not worsening your condition. Remember, it is crucial to stay stress-free to reduce your flare-ups.

Pay attention to your body, and make sure to follow through with your psoriasis management. Schedule an appointment with your doctor or dermatologist to keep yourself prepared to enjoy this season without worries.

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