Skin care tips for your little bundle of joy  “Squishy! Squishy!”, “Awwww!” and “So Cute!” are expressions of joy while touching a baby’s skin. Smooth, soft and a nice scent is what we feel. But do we realise that it could get dry, flaky and sensitive at times? Baby can have some funky discolourations on the skin especially during the newborn period.

So here’s the deal on skin care tips for your little bundle of joy

1. Never get too crazy with bathing
Two or three times of baby bath in a week is plenty. Cleaning the diaper area every day is a must, but frequent bathing will dry the baby’s skin and remove the necessary oils and other substances that protect against infections. Every day bathing can be avoided.

2. Choose Gentle Products
Staring at the aisle, are you stumped to buy the right kind of baby products? You don’t have to worry. Go for the products that have lesser chemical names. It’s best to use pH friendly baby soap and baby shampoos that are specifically formulated for their age group. These products are non-toxic, have fewer dyes, deodorants and are alcohol-free.

3. The lotion is your friend
Your little one’s skin is prone to dryness. So use a moisturiser. A risk of using baby powder is that your baby might inhale the powder and that could be dangerous. Hence say ‘NO’ to baby powder and ‘YES’ to baby lotion.

4. Clean those Folds
Baby’s skin shouldn’t be damp often, especially those folds have to be cleaned. Babies also tend to drool so cutely but we have to continuously wipe their mouth and using a bib is recommended. In order to prevent redness, peeling and chaffing, clean the baby skin folds twice a day.

5. Go easy on the sun exposure
You can open the sun cover on baby’s stroller, dress hats with brims and cover the body. Once the baby hits the six-month mark, look for a sunscreen with inorganic filters. Just try not to let the sun directly hit the baby’s skin.

6.The deal with birthmarks
Birthmarks are pretty common among babies and are usually harmless, but you should keep an eye on them for any changes. Consult a baby’s paediatrician if the birthmark develops “knots” (gets bumpy and looks twisted) or is growing quickly.

To all those mommas out there, blend the above six points with love and affection for your baby and you will find that baby’s skin is always cute and squishy-squishy.