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Daily skin care tips for your little one

Posted on 12th Jul, 2017

Newborn baby skin is DIFFERENT from adult skin.

The differences are newborns have a thinner outer layer (aka epidermis) of skin than adults. A thinner outer layer of skin means an increased risk of irritation.

Be cautious of using too much soap and fragranced products for this reason. Secondly, baby skin has higher water content than adult skin. Thus, baby skin has quicker absorption as well as speedier water loss. Because of these differences, your baby needs a particular daily skincare routine.

Baby Skin Care Basic

baby skin care

  • A massage is an essential one-on-one time. Research shows that a baby’s very survival depends on being touched by others – as touch triggers hormones, boosts immunity, and helps fight disease. Also, massaged babies are calmer, sleep better, and cry less — every parent’s dream!
  • There’s no unique technique for massage. Lay the baby on a soft blanket or fabric. Massage the baby’s chest and tummy with warm baby oil or lotion and make eye contact and talk to the baby.

baby skin care

Following a regular bath calms a baby and also washes away oils and excess dry skin, which is not suitable for the baby.

  • Using warm water in most areas is more than sufficient. Save your fragrance-free, pH-balanced soap for the areas that need it, like baby bottoms and chubby folds of skin.

baby skin care

  • Moisturizers replenish what your baby’s skin loses and gives your child a protective barrier.
  • Ensure that your moisturizer your baby within 2- 3 minutes after bathing.
  • When choosing the moisturizer, it is preferable to use a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, preservative-free one as your baby’s skin will be very sensitive.

baby skin care

  • Most often, diaper rash is caused by the irritating wetness of a soiled diaper.
  • The rash can also develop when a baby’s skin is not properly dried after a bath.
  • Sometimes, a bacteria or yeast infection will cause diaper rash.
  • Babies taking antibiotics are especially vulnerable to a yeast infection diaper rash because the drugs allow fungal growth.

baby skin care

  • Check diapers frequently and change every 3 hours.
  • Wash the diaper area with mild fragrance-free cleanser or plain water.
  • Use a soft, baby wipes, preferably perfume or alcohol-free wipes.
  • Pat dry your baby. Don’t rub. Let the diaper area air-dry fully before putting on a fresh diaper.
  • Apply a thick layer of diaper creams containing zinc oxide before every diaper change.

See your pediatrician if the rash doesn’t clear up in two to three days. If the rash is caused by eczema, a bacterial or yeast infection, or other condition, you may need a prescription treatment.

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