Too much stress or having sleep disorders? Then your skin would speak up harshly.

Yes! That is true “Stress affects the skin”. The pimples, dark patches, wrinkles or whatever eruptions on the skin are aggravated by stress.

Have you ever wondered why experienced people always insist that we take rest while hurt or having pain? Definitely, we are super men and women but they are only warning us that any strain or stress is only going to increase the damage.

Adding fuel to fire, stress is contagious. Even if you take less stress or do regular stress management activities, having stressed people around you is like having a time bomb. You may not know when the time bomb explodes but it puts you on edge constantly and that itself is toxic. Stress transmitted from others can change the operation of cerebrum in comparison with what real stress does.

It causes chemical changes in your body andaffects the mental and physical health.

Do we need to say more? Come what may, just slow down your fast paced life and take time to relax, unwind and de-stress yourself.