One of the most common skin infections for which people visit a skin specialist is a fungal infection or ringworm. This infection is neither painful nor burning but can get uncomfortable.

These infections are called ringworm because they appear in the form of a ring. Oh! And they also form red and itchy rashes on the skin.

Tinea Cruris or jock itch is a particular case when fungal infection occurs in the groin. Though not serious, they can be very unbearable to manage.

These infections spread from an infected person or even from infected pets. They can also spread because of unclean floors, shower stalls, locker room or even around a pool. So if any these places are unhygienic, be extremely cautious.

Where can fungal infections occur?

They can occur in any part of the body such as the groin, feet, head, and face and easily spread to the others part as well.

As you can see in the picture, these infections look subtle but require consultation of a dermatologist ASAP.

Fungal infections need proper medication and hygienic procedures. Here are a few steps you have to follow in order to avoid tinea infections:

1. Do not share any clothes or other wearable equipment with others.
2. Wear slippers in swimming pool areas, gym or public shower rooms.
3. Avoid tight clothes as they tend to dry the skin sooner.
4. Always wash with soap or shampoo after contact with others. Use antifungal cream.
5. Treat your pets from fungal infections.
6. If you find anyone with these infections, advise them to visit a dermatologist.
7. It is your foot that gets affected first with fungal infections. Especially for people working in dusty areas, wear socks first and then underwear to prevent tinea cruris from affecting the other parts of your body.