• Zyndet Bar 150 G

    Product Overview
    • Zyndet Bar is a bathing bar with a skin-friendly pH of 5.5.
    • It reduces transepidermal water loss and helps in keeping skin hydrated.
    • It protects acid mantle and preserves skin barrier.
    • It is 100% soap-free.
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    • Apply Zyndet Bar gently throughout the body surface.
    • Place Zyndet Bar on the tray after use.
    • For external use only.
    • Restores and retains skin’s natural barrier.
    • Keeps skin hydrated.
    • Strengthens skins defense mechanism.
    • Provides you a new bathing experience.
    • Syndet Base
    • Perfume
    • CI 42090
    • Keep on the stand after use.
    • Avoid contact with eyes.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Store at room temperature.
    • Keep away from light.


    Eczema is contagious.


    It is not contagious, just an unpleasant condition.

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    It has skin friendly pH of 5.5, preserves skin barrier which helps in preventing entry of pathogens, allergens, irritants and alsokeeps skin hydrated.

    No. It helps in avoiding recurrence of fungal infections. It should be used along with antifungals treatment therapy

    Yes, plastic tray provided in the pack is the drain tray. Always keep the Zyndet Bar on the tray after use which will keep it dry.