• Zinikam 200 G

    Product Overview
    • Provides daily extensive moisturization to dry and rough skin.
    • Easy spreadability and has excellent patient compliance.
    • Reduces the use of steroids.
    • Zinikam calms the skin by working against the skin stressors and thereby managing the condition beyond just moisturization for a longer period.
    Disease Overview

    Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition, characterized by abnormal red, dry, itchy, thick leathery and scaly patches of skin. Scales can develop in small patches or can spread to whole body parts. It is generally thought to be a genetic disease that is triggered by environmental factors. Diagnosis is typically done on the basis of signs and symptoms.

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    Zinikam to be used twice daily or recommended by the dermatologist.

    • Provides daily extensive moisturization to dry and rough skin.
    • Suitable for all types of dry skin.
    • Effective in healing damaged skin cells.
    • Reduces the use of steroids.
    • Contains specific ingredients working at skin cells level.
    • Agascalm    
    • Sensolene     
    • Ichthyol Pale   
    • Urea
    • Keep away from children.
    • Avoid contact with the eyes.

    Zinikam can’t be applied all over the body.


    Zinikam can be applied to all parts of the body.



    Zinikam has urea, it will be irritating.


    Urea in Zinikam works as a humectant and will not be irritating.

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    These are prescription based medicines,
    please consult your dermatologist/paediatrician.

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    Yes, it can be applied on the scalp but not on the hair.

    No, it is dermatologically tested and does not cause any irritation.

    Yes, it can be applied multiple times a day, although the recommended application is twice a day. Consult your doctor for guidance.