• Tedibar Body Wash 250 ml

    Product Overview
    • Tedibar is a brand which has been recommended by Paediatricians for years
    • Tedibar now introduces ‘Tedibar Body Wash’, a gentle baby body wash suitable for sensitive skin
    • Tedibar Body Wash is 100% soap-free with skin-friendly pH 5.5
    • It gently cleanses the skin without disturbing the acid mantle, making the skin soft and supple
    • It is dermatologically tested
    Disease Overview

    A baby’s skin differs from an adult’s skin. The skin is very delicate, sensitive and is still developing through the first year of life. 

    The baby’s skin also loses water easily as compared to adults. Ideally, products that are used for your baby should not interfere with skin surface pH or disturb the skin barrier. 

    As the skin continues to mature through the first few years of life, it is important that skincare products (e.g. cleansers and moisturizers) are chosen appropriately.

    Use of mild surfactant systems in cleansers can enable maintenance of skin barrier integrity and protect from dryness and skin infections.

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    • Remove the clip from the Tedibar Body Wash bottle’s pump
    • Rotate the pump anti-clockwise to unlock the bottle
    • Prime the product by pressing 3 times to start the flow of the product
    • Pump enough quantity of Tedibar Body Wash in your palm
    • Lather Tedibar Body Wash in your hands and massage it on your baby gently
    • Rinse completely with water 
    • After the bath, pat dry your baby gently with care
    • Moisturize the skin within 2-3 minutes of bathing to seal moisture
    • Skin-friendly pH 5.5 & 100% soap-free gentle baby body wash
    • Gently cleanses the baby’s delicate skin
    • Mild formula suitable for a newborn’s skin
    • Protects the pH of the skin & prevents skin problems like rashes and dryness

    Mild surfactants & moisturizers

    • Avoid contact with eyes
    • Store at room temperature



    Commercially available baby soaps are good for baby’s skin


    One must always check the pH of the baby cleansers. Baby soaps may have a pH factor above 7. An alkaline pH soap is not suitable for the baby’s skin. Ideally for baby’s skin, a soap-free cleanser that has a pH factor 5.5 is suitable to avoid any skin problems.


    Cleansing a baby with a cleanser is harmful for skin


    Skin cleansing and emollient use are two simple strategies that can help keep skin healthy. Proper skin cleansing helps keep infant skin free of unwanted irritants, including saliva, nasal secretions, urine, faeces, faecal enzymes, dirt, and microbial pathogens. Exposure to such factors for long periods, especially in the diaper region, can lead to discomfort, irritation, infection, and skin barrier breakdown. In many cases, water alone is not sufficient to cleanse skin during bathing.

    *Source- The Infant Skin Barrier: Can We Preserve, Protect, and Enhance the Barrier?; Lorena S. Telofski et al; Hindawi Publishing Corporation; Dermatology Research & Practice

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    Tedibar Body Wash can be used from the very first bath of your baby

    Tedibar Body Wash is made with the mildest surfactants. It is soap-free and has a skin-friendly pH, making it suitable for sensitive skin