• Proanagen Tablet 30 Tablets

    Product Overview
    • PROANAGEN TABLET is a unique blend of ingredients specially designed for women to manage their hair problems, targeted towards controlling hair fall and promoting healthy and stronger hair.
    • This condition called Telogen Effluvium is a type of hair loss characterized by hair thinning or an increase in hair shedding.
    • PROANAGEN TABLET has active ingredients with a proven clinical record for treating hair fall and promote hair regrowth.
    • PROANAGEN TABLET comes in a mixed fruit flavour, without any foul smell.
    Disease Overview

    Telogen effluvium is a disorder which is characterised by diffused thinning of hair or an increase in hair shedding. It is usually triggered by a disturbance in the hair cycle caused by prolonged stress, hormonal changes, pregnancy and/or nutritional deficiency. Telogen effluvium most often affects women than men.

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    Take one tablet daily, preferably 30 minutes after food or as directed by the physician.

    • Unlike other oral tablets for treating hair fall, PROANAGEN TABLET is not just a nutritional supplement; it prevents hair fall, promotes hair regrowth, relieves stress, strengthens hair structure, apart from correcting the nutritional deficiency with specific hair growth ingredients.
    • The ingredients in PROANAGEN TABLET have proven studies for their efficacy in treating hair fall.
    • PROANAGEN TABLET comes with mixed fruit flavour and smaller tablet size which is easy to swallow.
    • All the ingredients in PROANAGEN TABLET have a natural origin and hence it is devoid of side-effects.
    • Taurine – 300mg
    • Green Tea – 50mg
    • Calcium Pantothenate – 5mg
    • Ferrous Fumarate – 50mg
    • Lysine Mono HCl – 50mg
    • Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate – 25mg
    • L Cysteine – 50mg
    • Biotin – 30mcg
    • Pyridoxine HCl – 2mg
    • Folic Acid – 200mcg
    • Cyanocobalamin – 1mcg
    • Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage of PROANAGEN TABLET.

    Genetics is the root cause for baldness.


    Genetics do play a big part but it’s important to note that, unlike baldness in men, hair loss in women is almost always caused by an underlying medical condition. Your first step should always be to seek the advice of a hair loss specialist in order to determine the cause. It’s possible for some women, especially those with a family history of hair loss, to see thinning start in their 20s or even earlier. Female hair loss can start in the teens and gradually progress with age.



    Shampooing causes hair loss.


    Shampooing does not cause hair loss. Clean scalp supports healthy hair growth and any topical treatment should be applied on the raw scalp (clean and dry scalp with open pores) to ensure better absorption for best results.



    Minoxidil can be used to treat Telogen Effluvium in women.


    Minoxidil although proven in treating hair fall should not be used for treating Telogen effluvium in women. They have irreversible side effects which could lead to permanent loss of hair. It is preferred for treating male pattern baldness in men. Minoxidil causes unwanted hair growth in women, when comes in contact with facial skin while application.

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    Take one tablet daily , preferably 30 minutes after food.

    PROANAGEN TABLET has ingredients of natural origin, so it does not have any side-effects.