• Photo Bloc 50 G

    Product Overview
    • PHOTOBLOC is a cream based melasma sunscreen, targeted towards protection from harmful UV rays.
    • PHOTOBLOC provides Broad spectrum protection with specific active ingredients. (protection from UVA and UVB rays)
    • PHOTOBLOC offers SPF 50+ and PA++++ for maximum protection.
    • PHOTOBLOC is non-irritating and has skin friendly pH.
    • PHOTOBLOC is a specially formulated tinted sunscreen for better patient compliance.
    Disease Overview

    Hyperpigmentation (Melasma) occurs when the skin produces excess melanin (pigment that gives skin its color) which makes spots or patches of skin appear darker than surrounding areas. It is usually present in sun exposed areas like on face and neck.

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    • Before applying PHOTOBLOC, use a skin lightening cream on the affected area. In normal case, use a moisturizer before applying PHOTOBLOC for skin’s nourishment.
    • Apply PHOTOBLOC generously over the exposed areas 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun. Reapply PHOTOBLOC every 2 hours while working outdoors.
    • Spending time in sun may increase the severity of Melasma. To control this exacerbation, it is recommended to apply a sunscreen of Minimum 50 SPF at regular intervals.
    • PHOTOBLOC can also be applied post swimming or napkin drying.
    • The formulation of PHOTOBLOC has passed International standards for its protection ratings.
    • PHOTOBLOC is easily spreadable. It is also a non-irritant to the skin.
    • PHOTOBLOC is a tinted sunscreen which merges with the Indian skin perfectly.
    • BEMT
    • Octocrylene
    • Zinc oxide
    • MBBT
    • Octyl methoxycinnamate
    • Oxybenzone
    • Avobenzone

    •PHOTOBLOC is strictly for External use only.


    Melasma can be cured by any fairness cream.


    No fairness creams are going to cure the Melasma. Melasma can only be maintained/ managed but not completely cured.


    Sun exposure triggers Melasma.


    Sun exposure does not trigger Melasma. The root cause of these dark patches is hormones (Although the cycle is not fully understood). The sun can only exacerbate / increase the severity of Melasma. That is why not all exposed to the same amount UV intensity develop Melasma. Only a few whose hormones are pre-disposed to Melasma, develop these dark patches. Melasma may also develop as a side effect to certain drugs, contraceptives or chemicals. On discontinuation the skin colour, may reverse

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    These are prescription based medicines,
    please consult your dermatologist/paediatrician.

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    PHOTOBLOC can be applied every 2 hours when outdoors.

    PHOTOBLOC can be applied with other creams.

    PHOTOBLOC is dermatologically tested, meaning it has been tested on all skin types and has proven not to cause irritation. If it causes irritation for a longer time, then discontinue PHOTOBLOC and consult a dermatologist.