• NOSKURF Daily Cream 100 Gms

    Product Overview
    • Noskurf daily is a whole new way of treating seborrheic dermatitis.
    • Noskurf daily has2 powerful ingredients to maintain remission.
    • It contains D-panthenol and Elestab
    • The daily application at the scalp, prevents scalp dryness and controls itching.

    The presentation is a 100Gms

    Disease Overview

    Seborrheic dermatitis is a long lasting in adults When an adult gets seborrheic dermatitis, The condition can come and go for the rest of the person’s life. Flare-ups are common when the weather turns cold and dry. Stress also can trigger a flareup. The good news is that treatment can reduce flare-ups and bring relief.

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    • Apply Noskurf Daily on washed, towel dried hair
    • Gently massage on the entire scalp
    • Comb and leave it free
    • It prevents scalp dryness and controls itching.
    • D-panthenol
    • Elestab
    • Avoid contact with eyes
    • Store at room temperature

    1.Myth:Maintaining scalp hygiene by doing regular shampooing of scalpwill not get dandruff.

    Fact: No, it’s an internal disorder and requires medications for the same.

    2.Myth: Short contact antifungal agents will address the root cause of dandruff.

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    These are prescription based medicines,
    please consult your dermatologist/paediatrician.

    For technical questions, general queries,
    including partnership opportunities.

    +91 967-704-8548

    For better results, apply Noskurf daily cream regularly.

    No, it does not cause any irritation. If irritation occurs, then discontinue and consult your dermatologist.