• Atonide H Cream 20 G

    Product Overview

    Atonide H is a prescription topical Corticosteroid – Hydrocortisone acetate 1% w/w available in cream formulation which is to be used only under the supervision of a medical practitioner.

    Disease Overview
    • Dermatitis is a general term for conditions that cause inflammation of the skin.
    • A common skin condition that often leads to a red, swollen rash, or dry and intensely itchy skin.
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    Atonide H cream is a low potency topical corticosteroid which is safe to use in age, 3 months and above.

    Atonide H cream contains Hydrocortisone acetate, 1% w/w in a cream base.

    • To be used under medical supervision
    • Being a prescription drug, to be purchased only with a prescription of a registered medical practitioner only.
    • Avoid self-medication
    • Use as per instructed by the doctor

    Topical Corticosteroids are not safe for use


    Wrong! There are different topical Corticosteroids depending on the potency. The low potency Steroid like Hydrocortisone acetate(Atonide H) is very safe for use even in babies as young as 3 months. Hydrocortisone acetate is a safe option available among the steroids with excellent safety profile – least side-effects.


    Corticosteroids can’t be used on the face.


    Wrong! like Hydrocortisone acetate(Atonide H) is safe for use on the face.

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