Nappies or diapers are oh-so-convenient for the baby. But have you realized that these diapers can be really heavy and can cause skin rashes? The pained look in the eyes or the frown on your baby’s lips says it all. Your baby could be affected with nappy rash.

The primary reason for a diaper or nappy rashes is long exposure to wetness. Yes! That’s right. It is long exposure to the urine & feces.

At first, let us understand how to classify these rashes.

1.Mild Nappy Rash

Faint pinkness in the nappy area and a few raised bumps can be termed as Mild Nappy Rash. To catch a glimpse, look at the baby bum picture below.

2.Moderate Nappy Rash

Definite pinkness is present in a large area and small areas of redness with scattered and raised bumps (papules) are seen. This is called Moderate Nappy Rash.

3.Severe Nappy Rash

Intense redness, peeling, raised bumps (papules) and some fluid- containing bumps (pustules) together constitute Severe Nappy Rash. As the name suggests the rash is very severe and requires consultation of a doctor.

There may be other reasons for these bum rashes:
• Rash due to the friction of diapers and/or tight clothing.
• Increased intake of solid food in baby’s diet
• Intake of antibiotics
• Irritation due to soap, detergent or fabric softener

We suggest three simple and easy steps to prevent those intolerable rashes:

1. Change the wet or soiled nappies and Clean the nappy area gently
2. Dry the baby thoroughly before putting on a new nappy. It is advised to always air dry the baby.
3. Protect the baby from moisture. Use a thick barrier cream before you put on the diaper to protect the baby’s tender skin from rashes.

Follow the above steps and give your baby a skin-friendly nappy experience.