Sleep is an important part of our routine as the body needs rest after being awake for more than 12 hours. Getting a good night sleep is as much crucial as following a healthy eating routine and exercising.

Teenagers need 8-10 hours of sleep whereas Adults generally need 7-9 hours of sleep.
[Source – National Sleep Foundation]

But, there are some who have defied the laws of nature. These men never slept a day in their entire life.

Al Herpin, also known as “The Man who never slept”, born in America never slept a day in his entire life. Insomnia is well known among the psychologists but this was a rare form of Insomnia which has no effects on the person’s physical and mental health. It attracted a score of doctors and medical professionals to analyze him and they lived more than a week in his house. Not even once he dozed off. The way to take rest was quite extraordinary as he sat in his rocking chair and read newspapers until dawn after which he returns to his job.

Another person who never slept a day was Paul Kern. He was a Hungarian soldier. In World War I, he was shot in the head. It didn’t kill him but his frontal lobe was removed. After that day, he lost his sleep.He was treated by Ernst Frey, professor of mental and nervous diseases at the Eötvös Loránd University, but he also couldn’t find the perfect reason for such behavior.

There was another instance in the past when a Vietnamese person, Thái Ngọc claimed to go without sleep. Causes are unknown but he claimed that after a bout of fever in 1973, he never slept a day hence.

Truly, these men have defined the laws of Nature!