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Managing eczema in older patients

Posted on 5th Mar, 2020

Eczema is a common skin problem that occurs in older people more often due to poorly demarcated skin inflammation with scaling and thickening of the skin. The causes of eczema are the skin changes that occur as they age, but often it is aggravated by medications, illnesses, and cognitive impairment problems. The use of creams based on steroids can also thin the skin over a period of time.

Several triggers cause eczema flare-ups. Every skin reacts differently to these triggers. The common triggers include scented products, household cleaners, chemicals, dust mites, and even some foods. It is vital to be aware of the triggers and avoid them to prevent the condition from worsening.

Following the tips below can help you manage the eczema flare-ups with ease. Here’s how:


Moisturizing should be a part of your regular skincare regimen. Opt for an unscented moisturizer that is free from additives or chemicals. For added protection, moisturize after washing the skin to seal in moisture.

Maintain the room temperature

Temperature fluctuations can be hard on the skin. Depending on the season, use an air-conditioner or humidifier to regulate the temperature of your home to experience a comfortable environment.

Avoid scratching

It is quite difficult to avoid scratching, but there are ways to soothe the itchiness caused by eczema. Apply moisturizing lotions to calm the skin.

Minimize sweat

In a few cases, overheating or excessive sweating might result in eczema flare-ups. To combat this issue, ensure to wear weather-appropriate clothing, stay out of direct sunlight, and intake water to stay hydrated. A cold shower after a workout or excessive sweating would also be of some help.


Wear clothes made of natural fabrics, such as cotton, as these prevent your skin from irritation. Use mild and unscented detergent for washing your clothes. Always wash new clothes before wearing them to minimize skin irritation.


Stress can also exacerbate eczema. Try deep breathing and relaxation techniques to calm your mind and body. 

We hope the blog has listed useful tips to help to manage your eczema. 

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