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Is The New Spot On Your Face, MELASMA?

Posted on 14th Aug, 2018

A dark spot on the face leads to mind roving questions. The common thoughts are when, why, till when?

The Why & Who of Melasma

Quite often the reasons are age, pollution, intermittent miss in skincare routine and acne, however, UV radiation and hormonal imbalance especially during pregnancies are also one of the causative reasons. These two factors are generally realized as less influencing and transient. Melasma is one pigmentation disorder that gets triggered due to repeated UV radiation and hormonal fluctuations (especially during pregnancies) in specific races and people with a genetic predisposition. The disorder is characterized by overproduction of Melanin in a particular area especially the facial regions; causing a darker skin tone than the remaining areas. It is reported to be more common in darker skin people and in young to middle-aged women.

The Know-How of treatment

Important preventive tips include sun avoidance, application of sunscreen for melasma, avoiding birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The treatment needs patience as the problem too isn’t acquired overnight and the skin lightening creams available over the counter, have serious side effects. The most effective solution hence is to meet a dermatologist and follow the advice. A typical Melasma prescription includes a face wash, to disperse the pigments visible on the skin, a depigmentation cream, to stop the excessive production of Melanin and sunscreen, to protect from UV radiation.

An early identification, right compliance to the dermatologist’s advice, coupled with patience makes Melasma a transient disorder in patients, affected and prone to it.

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