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Importance Of Cleansing For Acne Management

Posted on 14th Aug, 2018

The plethora of solutions to Acne-Right Choice essential

Acne is a common problem faced by most young adults and can have a mild to moderate effect on the skin and psychological health of an individual. In such a scenario it is difficult for acne patients to bank upon one solution out of the many options. Dermatologist’s prescribed drug is the right choice in such a scenario however sometimes the prescribed topical solution causes discomfort in the form of dry skin, severe itching, and redness thus impacting patient compliance.

The proven science of Acne Management through the basic cleansing route

It has been reported that careful face washing with a cleanser helps in improving as well as preventing acne suggesting “Cleansing” to be the most essential part of the acne management regimen. The criticality of following this regimen, however, rests with selecting the right cleanser which suits the acne-prone skin rather than flaring up skin irritation due to the use of strong chemicals like surfactants.

Choosing the right Cleanser is essential

Cleansers are emulsifiers that makes the dirt, sweat, bacteria, dead surface cells and excessive skin lipids from the acne-prone skin, water-soluble. The selection of the right cleanser is very important in acne management. A harsh cleanser can damage skin proteins and lipids, leading to after-wash tightness, dryness, barrier damage, irritation, and even itch. Such cleansers also reduce skin hydration thereby weakening the skin barrier which may further exacerbate patients’ skin disorders.

The Mild Cleanser is the right choice

The new cleansers in the market are comparatively safer and much skin-friendly. Numerous studies prove mild cleansers to be significantly effective in acne patients. Decreased acne lesions and significant improvement in open comedowns have been demonstrated in various trials, upon twice a day cleansing which works on deep pores. A formulation containing mild cleanser, mildness enhancers, and moisturizing agents is skin-friendly and aids in improving skin hydration.

Hence bringing in general awareness about the right formulation in acne patients is needed. Patients should follow the Dermatologists’ advice of twice-daily face washing with specific cleanser. Such an understanding will also prevent them from making wrong selections when they decide to buy a face wash on their own.

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