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How to prevent pimples naturally

Posted on 24th Jan, 2016

The fear of getting pimples/acne on the face starts during teenage and never stops again. Even a tiny pimple on face can increase the stress level.

Nevertheless, there are certain preventive measures one can follow to avoid pimples. These methods can also improve the overall health of facial skin.

Keep your face clean:

Clogging of pores by excess oil/sebum, dirt and other impurities is one of the main reasons for pimples.  Therefore, make sure that you keep your face clean by washing it twice daily with a soap-free mild cleanser.

Eat healthily:

Eating vitamin and mineral-rich balanced diet can cleanse the skin internally and avoid pimples. Drinking more water can eliminate toxins and results in healthy skin without pimples.

Watch what you apply on face:

Any kind of facial cream, mask, makeup can be the reason behind your breakout. Well, these products may not be particularly harmful to your skin but one or few of the ingredients in such products can be the major trigger for pimples. Even a few natural ingredients can cause pimples. Therefore, always watch what you apply on your face. Make sure you remove makeup completely before hitting the sack to avoid clogging of pores.

Watch what touches your face:

Pillow covers, towels, mobile phone screens, and your own hand can be the cause behind your pimples. Bacteria and other forms of dirt can easily reach your face through these mediums and cause pimples. Make sure you change your pillowcase and towel every week. Wipe the mobile screens every now and then with a cloth. Make sure you don’t touch your face frequently and wash your hands before washing your face.

Avoid stress:

Well, stress may not be the direct cause behind the pimples but stress could be one of the triggers especially if you have acne prone skin. Take enough time to de-stress and do some activities like listening to music, reading a book, gardening, etc. Don’t forget to get 7-8 hours of sleep.

Prevention is better than cure but irrespective of the preventive measures, a few internal factors can cause pimples.

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