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How to choose the best hair dryer for your hair type

Posted on 6th Mar, 2020

Not all hair dryers are designed equally. Not all of them function the same. If you shop for a new hairdryer, you should consider several factors, including your hair texture, length, curl pattern, and the porosity of your hair strands. 

Purchasing a generic hairdryer is a waste of money, only to realize that the tool is not produced to suit your hair type. A right hair dryer can make a world of difference to your hair, ensuring that your style is locked in, and your curl pattern is smooth and uniform. Hence, choosing the right one is a must for healthy and shiny hair.

Below are the factors you should keep in mind when you go shopping for the hair dryer for improved results.


A motor with high wattage packs more wind power, cutting down your styling time and exposing your hair to an ample amount of heat. If it is not strong, you will end up with more heat and less wind, doing no good to your hair. 

Essential if: You have thick hair that takes a long time to dry.

Ionic or Non-ionic

The ionic feature of the hair dryer works best for closing the cuticle and getting the moisture out of your hair, making it sleeker and polished looking. Meanwhile, non-ionic hair dryers are meant for non-sleek hairstyles.

Essential if: Your hair is frizzy or thick and is troublesome to dry.

Ceramic, Porcelain, Infrared

Ceramic or porcelain is used to coat the metal or plastic heating elements of the dryer and its other internal parts, making the heat less harsh and more consistent. If a dryer is covered with infrared, it penetrates the hair to dry it from the inside out.

Essential if: Your hair is fine, benefitting all hair types.

Additional factors that matter

A cold button: The cool air seals the cuticle, boosting shine and locking in your hair.

Heat control: It helps fine hair that dries quickly, getting the work done in a less damaging way.

Bottom line

A hairdryer is one beauty purchase that you can spend without many thoughts. Experts agree that pricier dryers are much needed for keeping hair healthier and prettier. You can also seek expert help if you are still confused with choosing the right hair dryer for your hair.

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