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Here’s why skin care is important for men

Posted on 11th Sep, 2017

Man or woman, skin care is important for both. Even though signs of aging appear later in men as compared to women because of more collagen and elastin, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t care for what is coming.

Skin care isn’t really a new concept for men. For ages, they are using shaving creams, gels, after-shave lotion, and sunscreen creams.

Why men need skincare tips?

  • According to research done in 2012, women are more attracted to men with healthy skin color than those with the masculine face.
  • The risk of having advanced melanoma is more in men because they don’t heed to skincare needs.
  • According to studies, handsome men earn 5 percent more than their less-attractive counterparts.
  • Pollution, dirt, wind damage, and UV rays cause the same effects and give rise to pigmentation and skin wrinkles.
So, how can you take care of your skin?
  • Skin Type: The first of every skincare routine is to know your skin type because only this will guide you in choosing the products.
  • Choose your products wisely: While picking up the lot, keep in mind your skincare needs. As different products are available for men and women, so heed to the details and procedure.
  • Follow a cleansing routine: Wash your face with appropriate face wash gels twice a day as it helps you to get rid of oily stuffs and open your pores.
  • Exfoliation: Dirt and oily stuff are among the few causes of blackheads or whiteheads. Doing this will aid the skin to remove layers of dead skin.


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