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Head lice? Don’t stress out.

Posted on 22nd May, 2019

At some point of time if you have encountered head lice, you know how annoying, itchy and frustrating it would have felt. Head lice or louse is an insect that infests the hair of human heads, commonly found among children. Here are certain things you need to know about head lice which will help you be more prepared.

Head lice doesn’t mean you have poor hygiene

Lot of people who have head lice feel very embarrassed and feel that it reflects their poor overall hygiene. Getting head lice doesn’t have anything to do with your hygiene. You get lice from other people.

Lice are wingless insects. They can’t fly or jump

They are wingless insects that spend their entire lives on human scalp and feed exclusively on human blood. You will get infested with head lice if your head is close to a person who has head lice. Sometimes head lice spreads by sharing a comb, hat or a hairbrush.

Lice live on human scalp. Not on furniture or toys

Lice need blood to survive. They cannot live on innominate objects for more than a day. So don’t fret over extensive cleaning.

However wash all your blankets, bedding and clothing in hot water. Stuffed animals should be put in the dryer. Anything that can’t fit in a dryer can be collected and stuffed into a bag, any lice within the bag will be dead.

Head lice treatments

Head lice treatments that contain permethrin can be useful and effective in clearing of head lice. Permethrin usually comes in the form of cream or lotion. When applied on the scalp, it effectively kills lice and mites. Follow the instructions on the label, or consult your pharmacist/doctor for the right application use.

Try combing

Combing will help in getting the lice out and won’t leave out the dead nits. A good lice comb that has long, preferably a metal one with the tines close together would be effective. Most pharmacies do sell these combs. Before using the comb, ensure all the hair tangles are out otherwise the comb won’t go through. If you do have children, comb their hair while you have them in the bathtub. A soft conditioner can be used so that the comb can go smoothly. With each comb, thorough check for lice, dead nits, then rinse the comb and repeat. Canadian pharmacy offers you care products. They include shampoos, toothpastes, soaps, sponges, diapers, as well as feminine hygiene products that may be required in everyday life. Read more at .

Having lice is nothing to fret over and be embarrassed about. With proper understanding and following the necessary steps, head lice can easily be taken care of!

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