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Common causes for hair fall

Posted on 10th Feb, 2016

It is normal to shed around 50-80 hair strands per day. You all must have let out a sigh of relief after reading that. If the number of falling hair strands increases more than that, it is considered as hair fall. There are various reasons behind hair fall. The reason could be as simple as a wrong hairstyle, which causes stress to your hair strands and makes it fall or a hereditary condition that needs medical treatment.

In this post, let’s see some common causes behind hair fall.

Health condition 

Sudden changes in health condition could be one of the main reasons for hair fall. High fever, medicine intake, hormonal changes, any physical trauma, etc. can result in hair fall. Once the health is back to normal, the hair fall is expected to reduce.

Poor Diet

What we eat can directly reflect on the healthiness of our hair. Avoiding protein-rich foods and intake of an imbalanced diet intake can be the causes behind hair fall. Eating a healthy, balanced diet with protein-rich foods results in healthy hair.


We tend to try various products, hairstyles, and hair styling tools to make our hair look glossy and shiny, like a commercial shampoo model. But overdoing such styling can weaken and damage your hair strands, which results in hair fall. Make sure you don’t change your hair products frequently. Dry your hair naturally instead of using a hairdryer.  Try hairstyles that don’t pull or cause stress to your hair strands. Reserve the usage of styling tools only for special occasions.


Dandruff is one of the main culprits which causes hair fall. Dandruff is nothing but white flakes caused by dry scalp. It is itchy and affects the roots of the hair strands, which causes hair fall. Consulting a dermatologist and using anti-dandruff products can clear off dandruff and controls hair fall.

Poor maintenance

Handling the hair strands roughly, not washing the hair frequently, exposing the scalp to pollution, dirt, extreme weather conditions can cause hair fall for sure. Always make sure that you comb your hair gently with a wide-tooth comb and don’t comb it more than twice a day. To get rid of the accumulated dirt, wash the hair frequently. Make sure to cover the scalp while stepping out. Proper maintenance can control hair fall to a greater extent.

Environmental changes

Environmental change is another primary reason behind hair fall. Sudden change in the water used for hair wash, change in climatic condition, and change of place can trigger hair fall. Once the body gets used to the new environment, the hair fall should be controlled.

Emotional stress

Emotional stress could be one of the reasons behind hair fall. Stress can make the hair follicles move faster towards the resting phase from the growth phase. This results in heavy hair fall. Following some stress buster methods such as proper sleep, listening to music, break from hectic professional life, and going for counseling, etc. can not only stop the hair fall but also improves the mental and physical health.

Apart from these common causes, there are other factors such as hereditary, patterned baldness, etc. which causes severe hair fall. These conditions require medical consultation and extensive treatment. 

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