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Hair growth cycle and natural cause of hair fall

Posted on 9th Feb, 2016

A tiny thin hair strand that won’t even cause the smallest of pain while cutting can cause a huge shock when it falls on its own. We think about it, stress, and try hard to stop it. We all must have read/researched hair fall and ways to prevent it at least once in our life.

Well, let us clarify something first, which can make you happy.

Shedding of 80-100 hair strands per day is totally natural and normal. This process is called shedding and not hair fall. It is part of the hair growth cycle. So yes, we have to know about the hair growth cycle first.

The three stages of the hair growth cycle are

  1. Anagen Phase
  2. Catagen Phase
  3. Telogen Phase

Anagen Phase

The anagen phase is considered as the growth phase for the hair strands, and this stage lasts up to 2-7 years. The number of years a hair strand remains at this stage is determined by genetics and other internal-external factors. The more the hair remains at this stage, the lengthier is the hair strand. About 85% of the hair strands on our head go through the anagen phase.

Catagen Phase
Catagen Phase is considered as the transition phase, and this phase lasts for only 10-14 days. During this phase, the hair follicle shrinks and detaches from the root. This cuts the essential blood supply for hair growth and stops the growth.

Telogen Phase
Telogen Phase is considered as the resting phase and lasts up to 3 months. During this phase, the hair follicle remains rested. The hair strand sheds, and once the telogen phase is over, new hair growth starts. 10-15% of the hair strands on our head go through the telogen phase.

The beauty of nature is that each hair strand has its own growth cycle, which makes sure that all the hairs won’t fall out of our head during the Telogen phase. It is evident now that irrespective of any preventive measures you take, the hair strands at the telogen phase are going to shed.

Many would have let out a sigh of relief after reading this, but don’t waste your time counting the number of hair strands to check whether it is within the 80-100 limit.

Just follow the right hair care regimen to escape from hair fall. Get to know about it in our upcoming posts.


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