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Habits of People who age well

Posted on 24th May, 2019

Exercise, diet and the attitude is as important as genetics when it comes to growing old gracefully.

Growing older affects mostly every part of your body, your hair, skin, heart, muscles, and others—but aging well may be as simple as adopting these easy everyday habits.

1.Stay connected with people

Maintaining and existing in relationships is certainly important, but meeting new people can help provide older adults with a world of new possibilities and opportunities. People might treat you differently by judging you with your age, but that is when we kick up and prove them wrong! Surround yourself with others who are a source of positivity. Make friends and you never know when they might turn into family.

2.Keep the brain exercised

Engage in mentally challenging activities and learn new things. Often times, seniors enroll themselves in a class or join a group to do just that. This is beneficial not only for one’s mental stimulation, but also for their social well-being. Play games like candy crush if nothing!

3. Maintain physical activity

Incorporating at least half an hour of moderate physical activity (particularly aerobic exercise or Zumba) into one’s daily routine is vital for well-being. The goal with any exercise is to elevate the heart rate, but it should never be painful. Be sure that your loved ones consult a physician before starting a new workout regimen.

4.Set personal goals

Similar to learning a new skill, setting (and accomplishing) personal goals helps provide a strong sense of control and fulfillment. Most importantly, meeting goals instills a strong sense of independence. Whether it’s doing an exercise routine five days in a row or completing a project at home.

5.Minimize stress

Although it’s impossible to escape some of life’s stressful situations, it’s important to find the best personal method for overcoming feelings of negativity, in a healthy way. Whether it’s deep breathing or taking a walk outside, finding the right solution to tackle this is how we stay out of it.

6.Eat healthy and fresh

Nutrition plays a major role in our body. One of the research shows that a low-glycemic diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein is the healthiest. One great example is the following diets with fruits and vegetables, rich in plant-based foods, whole grains, nuts, and red wine. It also involves eating nuts, dry fruits and cutting down on salt. Research shows that this type of diet may help you age better by off guarding heart attacks, strokes, and premature death.

7.Make exercise a part of your routine

Staying active during this period is a very essential part of the process. Staying fit also reduces age-related memory loss. Even if it takes just is walking around the place or going out to the closest shop to get some grocery. Keep your heart rate to a higher level. Do exercise such as breathing, yoga and other light exercise just to remind your body that you still are as young as ever! Keeping yourself fit in this process is very important. Everyone fails to understand the need to do so. As we keeping ageing we start taking our body for granted and that is something we should stop. Our body is used to the exercise and activity we used to do and slowing that down can lead to gaining weight.

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