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Get the mama in you ready!

Posted on 23rd May, 2019

Congratulations, you are pregnant! While you are thrilled about the news, so many thoughts are racing in your mind. You get this sudden urge to know everything about pregnancy. As you step into this incredible journey, there are a lot more to unfold every single day you come across.

A healthy pregnancy includes various factors such as a healthy weight, balanced diet, nutritious food, regular exercises, adequate rest, and emotional well-being. It also involves maintaining normal blood pressure and normal blood sugar level.

Here are some pregnancy care tips to follow as you prepare for your baby to be born.

– Have a healthy and nutritious diet plan because what you eat is one of the major building blocks of your baby’s body.
– Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
– Don’t take medicines without the consultation from your obstetrician.
– Avoid caffeine and products with artificial colours.
– Avoid smoking and alcohol. Passive smoking is also harmful.
– Wear comfortable clothing. As your weight and shape will change rapidly, fitting yourself in tight clothing will suffocate you and the baby.
– Go for footwear that is comfortable and walk carefully to avoid a fall.
– During pregnancy, your legs and ankles are prone to swelling. So, rest your feet to prevent fatigue. During the day, make sure that you put up your feet at a raised level frequently.
– Adequate sleep and relaxation are required during pregnancy. Take naps whenever needed. A minimum of eight hours of sleep is required to keep you healthy.
– You might experience mood swings and emotional ups and downs due to hormonal shifts during pregnancy. If you are depressed and it is affecting you, reach out for help and bounce back to normalcy.

Keep a check on your health on a daily basis and be aware of your general health. It helps a long way in ensuring that your pregnancy stays on the right track.

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