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Fix your Dull and Damaged hair right away

Posted on 20th Nov, 2020

Bike rides are a favorite pastime for many. Imagine yourself riding a bike along with the beautiful shore. As the sea breeze blows soothingly your beautiful lustrous hair sways in the air with utmost grace. That feeling of soft strands of hair brushing over your face. Just priceless.

Well, in our fastidious life with all those responsibilities, work pressure, travel and oh! that pollution, it is not an easy task to maintain and manage our hair.

In the present situation, hair loss is a widespread problem for both men and women of all ages. Usually, hair falls for a healthy person maybe around 50 to 100 hair a day which generally goes unnoticed. Mainly because it gets replaced by new hair and as we age this process gets delayed. 

Does it sound like a dream? 

It is always disheartening to see clumps of our beautiful hair on the drain while washing the hair or as we brush our hair. Too much hair loss is often a matter of concern to many people irrespective of gender. If you notice such severe hair loss you must consider consulting with a dermatologist. There may be multiple underlying conditions and it is very important that you sort it out that there is nothing serious. Doctors may advise you on the situation and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

What causes hair fall?

There may be multiple underlying conditions that may trigger hair fall such as 


Many face hairs fall due to hereditary conditions like androgenetic alopecia or pattern hair loss. Here the hair follicles start to recede and at a certain stage stops growing altogether. These are way common in both men and women across the world. Men and women show different patterns under androgenetic alopecia, women initially have thinning of hair and then start getting bald patches while men on the contrary have receding hairline and then bald spots appear starting from the forehead. 


As a person ages, the capability of absorbing all the vital nutrients also reduces. This often affects the hair and it starts thinning down. As the follicles stop growing it leads to the slow receding of the hairline. Another problem with aging is the greying of hair. Hair loses its beautiful black color and luster due to poor nutrient absorption.    

Immunity issues

There are multiple immunities suppressing conditions that also lead to severe hair fall. Alopecia areata is one such disorder where low immunity affects the hair follicle. It makes them dull and weak, thus, leading to hair fall. Alopecia not only leads to hair fall.

in the scalp, but it also triggers hair fall from the nose, ears, or even from the eyelashes. 

Another such condition is hyperthyroidism which is an autoimmune disease. This leads to hormonal imbalance. The pituitary glands secrete Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) more than what’s required. This condition affects the hair strands and makes it dry and lusterless. Eventually, the follicles become weaker and the hair fall occurs. 

Medical Treatment 

Certain medical treatments may also lead to severe hair loss. The antibacterial treatment for typhoid leads to hair loss. Similarly, the ones like cancer treatment, where the patients who received chemotherapy may also experience a drastic loss of their hair. There are also cases where treatment for depression also caused the hair to fall. 


The work-life balance these days is very conducive to excessive stress. Stressors are so many and its impact on over health is equally worse too. As stress level increases it triggers hormonal imbalance as well which in turn leads to weakening of hair and hair fall. Likewise when we face some emotional stress like health issues to a dear one or going through a divorce etc. also leads to hair fall. The good news here is that stress-induced hair fall is a temporary issue and can easily be reversed. 


Generally, women take a lot of vitamin and iron-rich food during pregnancy which triggers good hair growth. The same post-delivery the hair starts falling off due to multiple factors like stress, medications etc. 


Sometimes scalp infection like Lichens or lupus could lead to scarring of the skin. This in turn would cause permanent loss of hair growth. Ringworm which is a fungal infection starts as a little pimple on the scalp and slowly increases in size. It affects the hair in the infected area and causes hair to fall.  

Hair treatments 

Hair treatment that we do in beauty salons could also trigger hair fall. When the chemical compositions in the hair color or that bleaching agent do not suit your hair, it may lead to hair fall. Similarly using excessive straightening and curling of hair with heat-generating equipment like heat combs, straighteners, curlers, even a blow dryer may make the hair dry and brittle. These treatments will eventually trigger hair fall on profuse usage. 

How is hair loss diagnosed?

 As previously mentioned, on a normal day one may have a hair fall of 50 to 100 hairs. The same when it exceeds this range, we tend to notice our broker hair literally everywhere. When we notice such a condition it is better to consult a doctor. The doctor may try to diagnose the cause of hair fall and then provide a treatment schedule accordingly. Generally, one treatment doesn’t suit everyone, likewise not one treatment solves all hair problems. Hence these are usually given in a combination. Moreover, when hair fall is persistent it may also indicate some underlying health issue. So, either way, it is best to take a doctor’s opinion before taking up any treatment. 

On consulting, the doctor may visually examine your hair. He or she may ask you multiple questions on the issue. They may check your scalp, nail or even tug your hair slightly and check if it is brittle. He may also run a few blood tests to check your iron /hemoglobin, vitamin level and also for your hormone secretions. If there is an underlying disease then the dermatologist may suggest a different treatment for the disease and the hair fall will automatically set right. 

What are the Hair treatments available?   

In case of hormonal imbalance as in hyperthyroidism, the doctor may prescribe hormone tablets like thyroxine. They may also prescribe some iron or vitamin tablets if your blood tests show respective deficiencies. There are multiple other hair treatments that may help reduce hair fall and stimulate hair growth.  Dermatologists may prescribe as the condition necessitates


Incase of bald patches as in alopecia dermatologists may inject corticosteroid on the patches. This intends to stimulate the growth of hair again.  The treatment may be repeated in a gap of 4 to 8 weeks until the expected results are seen. 

LASER therapy: (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) 

Another option would be the treatment like low-level LASER therapy. This also stimulates hair growth in hereditary conditions and alopecia. These are safe and painless treatment procedures. The only fact here is that it is not a one-time solution. A patient may need to take multiple sessions to get their hair back. 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

This is yet another treatment that’s gaining popularity. It is a very quick procedure. Here a small amount of the patient’s blood is drawn and the plasma is extracted. This plasma is used for the treatment of bald patches. The treatment is repeated in a gap of 3 to 6 months or as prescribed by the dermatologists.

Hair transplant:

In case the steroids don’t work your doctor may consider a hair transplant. Where hair strands are surgically inserted on the scalp. This is rather like a permanent solution. It would need good maintenance to keep the hair soft and shiny.

Prevention of Hair fall

Though there are so many treatments available, prevention and protection of our hair is always the best. This is not a very big issue if we make hair maintenance a part of our daily routine or even better “a habit”. Small changes in lifestyle like eating a healthy diet, sleeping good 8 hours, practicing yoga and meditation will relieve stress to a great extent and also improve hair health. In addition to this, it is very important to follow a good cleansing regime that will keep your hair very healthy. Oil massage once a week will nourish the hair strands. Wash your hair at least on alternate days using a mild shampoo. Don’t forget to condition your hair too. Conditioning your hair will leave them smooth, frizz-free and protected.

Triclenz shampoo is very gentle on hair. It is a mild, sulfate-free shampoo that works wonders on dry and dull hair. Its formula is so effective that it gently cleanses dirt and debris without damaging the luster of hair. It brings the sheen back to the dullest of hair. This gentle cleanser helps in subtle hair growth, which keeps hair healthy.

How to apply?

The application is very easy too 

  • Wet your hair
  • Take a generous amount of Triclenz shampoo 
  • Apply it on the wet hair
  • From root to tip lather it up 
  • Rinse it with water thoroughly

With the use of Triclenze hair management becomes very easy. It leaves the hair soft and well-nourished. It does not weigh down the hair or dry it like most other shampoos.

Is there a conditioner that could help hair growth? 

Well yes of course there are millions of conditioners in the market hence choosing one is a bit difficult. Triflow is a specifically formulated conditioner that repairs and protects the hair. Its ingredients are very nourishing and radiant. Moreover, it is suitable for all types of hair. It is really good for keeping your hair soft and It increases hair manageability and combability. And here is the best part “You can use Triflow irrespective of the treatment undergone. It can be colored hair, heat-treated hair, or with a lot of split edges. 

How to use a Triflow conditioner?

Applying the Triflow conditioner is just a child’s play. After cleansing your hair with Triclenz shampoo, apply a Triflow conditioner on the full length of the hair. Let it sit for some 2 to 3 minutes. After the specified time wash your hair thoroughly with clean water. That’s all! Simple! 

The Xymenynic Acid, Coconut Water and Wheat Germ Oil present in the formula nourishes the  every hair strand and moisturizes it.  

Triclenz and Triflow are very effective in management of hair fall and also aids in regaining hair luster and sheen. It is also effective in reducing hair fall triggered by conditions like Telogen Efflubium. Use them regularly and notice your hair shine with every use. 

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