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Dry Skin in Babies : Causes, Symptoms And ways To Prevent

Posted on 23rd May, 2019

There are noticeable changes when a baby has a dry skin:
– White scales that peel at the edge of the skin.
– Roughness and scaly like texture on the skin.
– Flakiness when the skin is rubbed
– Obvious dry red patches

How To Prevent Dry Skin In Babies?

Prevention of dry skin is easy, and all you need to do is follow simple steps.

Limit bath time: Spending too much time for a bath, especially in hot water, can wash away natural skin oils, leading the skin to dryness. If the baby loves playing in the tub, then let him in the tub with minimal water and top the tub with water just before bath.

Avoid harsh soaps: Avoid soaps as they contain alcohol and artificial fragrance, drying the baby skin quickly. Instead, choose syndets over soaps that are specially designed for the baby skin. They have a skin-friendly pH, gently cleansing without harming the protective layer of the baby skin.

Use moisturizing lotions after bathing: Moisturize the baby’s entire body immediately after the bath. The nourishing agents in the moisturizer form a thin layer on the skin. Using moisturizers is the safest remedy for baby’s dry skin.

Select clothes made of natural fabrics: Natural fabrics such as cotton are gentle on the skin. If the baby has dry skin, then it is important to make him/her wear cotton clothes.

Use baby laundry detergent: Laundry care does protect your baby’s skin. You must wash them in baby laundry detergents. Look for a detergent that is only for the laundries of a baby.

Keep the baby hydrated in summer: Hot weather also causes low humidity. In such conditions, give the baby lots of fluids such as water and breast milk.

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