Prevent diaper rash forever.

Recommended by paediatricians and loved by parents, B4 Nappi Cream is the most effective way to prevent diaper rashes from ever appearing on your baby’s bottoms.

B4 Nappi,
always before a nappy.

Sensitive delicate skin + a soiled diaper = diaper rash. It’s inevitable. B4 Nappi Cream helps prevent it.

15% Zinc Oxide forms a thick white protective layer that protects the skin till the next diaper change.

Helps the skin to
remain moisturised.

Protects against faecal irritants, even when there is an unintentional delay in changing the diaper.

Gentle formula with Calendula Oil & Allantoin, safe enough to use every day, during every diaper change.

Spread B4 Nappi
like an icing on a cake.

It is super easy to use B4 Nappi Cream.
As easy as change, cleanse, apply, cuddle.


Change wet or


Gently cleanse your
baby’s diaper area.
B4 Nappi Wipes
works best.


Allow the
diaper area
to dry.


Apply a thick layer
of B4
Nappi Cream
liberally in
the entire diaper area,
like an icing on a cake.
Please note, B4 Nappi is
not a “vanishing” cream.
The white layer should be
clearly visible to you.


Now your baby is ready
for a fresh diaper and
tons of cuddles.

Wipe off all the mess.

B4 Nappi Wipes are the gentlest baby wipes, providing a delicate touch to the baby’s skin. Made with neem, aloe vera and chamomile extract, you can trust them to clean the baby’s delicate skin and get the job done.


Aloe vera


Skin-friendly pH

No irritating preservatives
No alcohol | No paraben
Say goodbye to mess and stress.
Welcome a happy bum and a happier you.

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