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Common myths about Hyperhidrosis

Posted on 24th May, 2019

Nobody wants to spend their days worrying about sweaty armpits and sweaty handshakes. Life is short and people hate having awkward sweat scenarios often. When people are already embarrassed about their excessive sweating condition, known as Hyperhidrosis, many come up with a lot of misconceptions, making the people with this condition look even worse. This is due to the fact that, though the condition and all of its attributes are well-known to those living with it, hyperhidrosis is a lesser-known disease among the general public, leading to spread of misinformation about it. We have uncovered some of the untruths about hyperhidrosis below:

Myth 1: Drinking less amount of water will reduce the amount of sweating.

Truth: The intake amount of fluid has absolutely no effect on how much one sweats. However, excessive sweating results in dehydration, making it necessary for person with this condition to consume a sufficient amount of water daily.

Myth 2: Individuals with hyperhidrosis tend to have a bad odour.

Truth: Sweat does not have an odour. The odour comes from a fluid discharged by a separate set of glands. So excessive sweating does not create a smell by itself. However, excessive sweating that isn’t managed well by good hygiene habits can result in bad odour.

Myth 3: Individuals with hyperhidrosis have larger sweat glands.

Truth: Excessive sweating has nothing to do with the size of sweat glands. Its size is normal in every individual. The sweating is simply because of malfunction in the nerves that trigger sweating.

Myth 4: Surgery to treat hyperhidrosis is risky.

Truth: While there are risks with any kind of medical procedure, surgery can effectively cure certain types of hyperhidrosis with utmost safety. Furthermore, there are medications and antiperspirants to help you deal with hyperhidrosis.

The next time you hear someone trying to scare you with these myths, just smile and let it not affect you. All you should think is to head straight to your dermatologist and to get it treated.

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