A Career at Curatio means to learn and grow continuously, opportunity to work across India along side with the finest minds in the industry, competitive salaries, stock options and excellent benefits.

We offer challenging assignment, a world class working environment, professional management and ample opportunities to train and learn along with exceptional rewards.

Our ongoing endeavour is to create an organizational ambience where talent can bloom because we believe that talent is our greatest strength.

  • Autonomy and Entrepreneurship: We believe in providing autonomy to our employees and let them discover their potential while working for Curatio. Individuals are given responsibility quite early in their careers and their actions impact the business. This has helped in fostering a culture of entrepreneurship within the organisation that we are extremely proud of.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Supporting this entrepreneurial culture is the spirit of innovation and creativity. You do not need to be part of research and development to bring about innovations. Creativity is promoted in every part of the organisation. Genuine mistakes are considered as part of learning and calculated risk taking is encouraged.
  • Excellence and Discipline:Curatio believes in performing at its best and fostering excellence in every sphere.

Employees represent what a company stands for. The value an organisation creates is unequivocally linked to collective efforts of its people. We at curatio realize that the growth of the company can be sustained through the continuous development of people. Hence we focus our attention to augment the innate potential each individual brings to the organisation.

We have a robust process of identifying potential in individuals. Each of our middle level managers goes through a process that clearly identifies their strengths, development areas and aspirations for the future. This is supported by a structured process of development, which includes movement across departments.

Salaries and other benefits in curatio can be comparable to the best in the industry and one can expect to be rewarded for good and consistent performance. Additionally, you will receive a wide range of benefits as per industry standards

Health Insurance is an example of our focus to provide our employees and their dependents with adequate financial protection.


Department: Sales

Are you a young graduate with smart intellect and communication skills? Are you looking for a career that gives you immense learning and prepares you for a big future? Do you have the passion for relationship building and networking? You are on the right page..

Curatio being a young and a dynamic company is excited about the prospects of great growth and success, just like you!

Job Specifications:

Work Experience – 0-2 years of relevant sales experience.

Skills – Very good English speaking skills, Data Analysis and Interpretation. Should be a social person, loving to interact with people and strengthen the customer relationship.

Job Responsibilities:

* Communicates and influences the doctor to prescribe products and has a top-of-the mind recall of the products

* Do regular potential analyses by auditing the prescriptions received by retailers, so as to understand the prescription trends of doctors, and modify communication strategy used accordingly so as to position products in a favourable manner.

* Carry out the communication in the chamber by detailing products, discussing literatures or any study with the doctor

* Device innovative approaches and strategies to build strong relationships with doctors.

* Collection of Weekly and Monthly Secondary statement and analyse the same to assess the movement of products for better planning of subsequent week / month

* Sharing feedback about customer/ activity with stockiest for adequate product availability.

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