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What makes Curatio different

Putting people first since day one

At Curatio, we identify, nurture, groom and sculpt great professionals.

We spend time, energy and are committed to making individuals learn and grow to deliver and contribute to the purpose of making people look good, feel great. There is a great scope for a committed individual to explore and experiment with a variety of roles which are challenging and rewarding.

Curatio believes in building business through building people.


Pursue a fulfilling career and enjoy your life outside of work. Our company culture sets us apart.
Discover the people, events, and ideas that inspire us every day.
Srikanth Achar

“I became a part of Curatio family in 2014 and since then enjoyed every moment of my association with a warm, vibrant, energetic & focused team. I have witnessed great strategic shifts which demanded enormous team work, trust, perseverance and commitment from each team member. The spirit of coming together and delivering as a team has been the DNA of this young enterprise and I am lucky to be a part of such team and contribute to the glorious journey so far.“

A V Sarangarajan

“If you are dreaming of building a career, then the first step is important. I know for sure that Curatio is one unique organisation, where you can work trusting all of them. Curatio provides you not only freedom but also ample opportunity to experiment, learn and perform. Your performance is acknowledged without any prejudice.”

Shraddha Suman Dhal

I’m proud to say that I will soon be celebrating my 2nd Year working at Curatio. The atmosphere at Curatio is vibrant and full of positivity. It is inspiring to work for a company where all work for a common goal to make people look good and feel great. It is a great place to learn and excel professionally and personally. Hence Curatio is my pride.”


“I have been a part of this healthcare industry for almost 8 years now and what I like the most about Curatio is their innovative approach. The management is very friendly and gives us a lot of freedom to express & experiment which I believe is very important for professional learning and growth.“

Anshuli More

“I am thankful to Curatio as it has given me the right platform to work and grow in the last seven and a half years. My seniors have taught me how to work in derma and pharma markets. I am thankful to the marketing team for their innovative ideas in selling products.“

P Jagan Mohan

“I feel that my association with Curatio has been extremely fruitful to my life in terms of my career and personal growth. I have developed immense self-confidence after the success of my job. I feel that I’ve earned respect from my family and friends.”

S Stephen Dominic Savio

“It’s indeed a pride to work with a professionally managed organisation like Curatio. Here, a person’s development & training is given importance at every level. We also command respect at doctor’s clinics, retailers and with stockists. Curatio always guides us to follow the ethical path to success.“

Sajjan Kumar

“I have been here for 8 years & I am very happy as Curatio is responsible for my personal & professional improvement. Right from day one, I have always felt a special bond because of the work culture & way in which all my superiors have groomed and treated me. I am always proud to be a part of Curatio.”

Life at curatio

A career at Curatio means to learn and grow continuously, an opportunity to work across India alongside the finest minds in the industry, competitive salaries, stock options and excellent benefits.

Autonomy and Entrepreneurship

We believe in providing autonomy to our employees and let them discover their potential while working for Curatio. Individuals are given responsibility quite early in their careers and their actions impact the business.

Creativity and Innovation

Supporting this entrepreneurial culture is the spirit of innovation and creativity. You do not need to be part of research and development to bring about innovations. Creativity is promoted in every part of the organization. Genuine mistakes are considered as part of learning and calculated risk-taking is encouraged.

Focus on Employment & their Development

The value an organization creates is unequivocally linked to collective efforts of its people. We at Curatio realise that the growth of the company can be sustained through the continuous development of people.

Identifying Potential

We have a robust process of identifying potential in individuals.Each of our middle level managers go though a process that clearly identifies their strengths, development areas and aspirations for the future


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