sweating and causes of sweating
Sweating also known as perspiration is an essential bodily function. It is a process of producing fluid made of water, ammonia, urea, salt and sugar by the sweat glands. Causes of Sweating Our body’s comfortable temperature is 98.6°F (37°C). At
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acne treatment
We have listed a few natural preventive measures for acne in our previous post. Natural measures may not cure acne completely and it takes more time to see visible results. If the severity of acne is not reduced even after
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How to control sweat?
In our previous post, we have explained about the causes of sweating and why it is important to sweat out. Yes sweating is an essential bodily function! But, have you ever been in a situation when you are in a
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In our previous post, we stated the fact that it is normal to shed around 50-80 hair strands per day. You all must have let out a sigh of relief after reading that. If the number of falling hair strands
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After writing about the hair mechanism in our previous post, we are going to clarify what causes hair fall in this post. A tiny thin hair strand which won’t even cause a smallest of pain while cutting can cause a
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