About Seborrheic dermatitis
“I can’t wear this black shirt – my dandruff will show up like crazy!” Ever had this thought?? Well, you are not alone. Seborrheic dermatitis, also known as seborrheic eczemais a serious skin condition that involves the inflammation of the
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Don'ts for oily skin
Oily skin or seborrhea is when there is excessive skin oil, called sebum. Unfortunately, both men and women experience oily skin due to hormone imbalances, genetics, makeup products, diet, and humidity. Listed below are a few don’t’s when it comes to oily skin:
Best Solutions for dry skin
Dry skin generally occurs in cooler weather or with a change in weather. It is characterized by itchiness, flaky, and scaly skin. Extremely dry skin can cause cracks and breaks in the skin. Some of the common areas for dry
Four ways Virgin Coconut Oil can help you, VCO benefits
We would have heard of virgin olive oil but virgin coconut oil, or VCO, is not that familiar. Virgin Coconut Oil or VCO is a cold-pressed oil that extracted from fresh coconut milk without any application of heat, ensuring that
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Skin care tips during Diwali Celebrations
Diwali is fast approaching – and we know you are gearing up for the patakhas and diyas – but is your skin prepared as well? Read on to find out ways to protect your skin from all the excessive pollution
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