essential oils
Lemon Oil Since summer is almost here, we thought we must begin with lemon, a perfect essential to beat the heat. Apart from being antibacterial and helpful for digestion and the immune system, lime oils also help in up lifiting your mood.
nail care tips
You must be wondering why nail care is so important, considering a manicure or pedicure is just a door step away. But, once the pampering is done, it’s time to maintain the nails. So, here are some tips that will surely come
carbs, carbohydrates
I read in a magazine to reduce weight, cut down carbs. It is unhealthy! It is your enemy! It should be banned! Have we not heard of these in different languages and emotions? To be honest, carbohydrates or carbs, as they
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good and healthy sleep
Everyone loves to have their 8 hours of beauty and healthy sleep but rare is it to get someone sleeping for 8 hours! For the few lucky ones who sleep like a baby, research has proven that what they eat at
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Six best eats for healthy hair
Sometimes, “lather, rinse, repeat” isn’t enough to keep strands shiny and soft. Your hair needs to be nurtured from within to look its best. Incorporate these healthy eats into your daily diet and get ready to say goodbye to dull,
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