Treatment for adult acne problems
Adult acne can hit you like a train out of nowhere. Lots of people suffer from acne as adults, even if they had perfectly clear skin throughout their teenage years. Acne in younger people is easier to understand, because it
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Skin Care Tips for Normal Skin, Dry Skin and Oily Skin
It really helps when you know what your skin type is so that one can select the most appropriate products. Common skin types are normal, oily, dry and sensitive. There are also people who have a combination of skin types. The type
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Find out your hair type: tips and tricks
Finding out what texture your hair is, helps you figure out what are the necessities, essentials, how to handle it, and how to make it more effective. Your hair involves different types of density, curling pattern and porosity. So knowing
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We have briefly explained about hyper pigmentation in our previous post.  Hyper pigmentation is a skin condition which can cause mental distress as it affects the most visible parts of the body. Therefore, we thought of giving a detailed insight
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sweating and causes of sweating
Sweating also known as perspiration is an essential bodily function. It is a process of producing fluid made of water, ammonia, urea, salt and sugar by the sweat glands. Causes of Sweating Our body’s comfortable temperature is 98.6°F (37°C). At
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