5 Tips that new mothers need to know
World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA), a global network dedicated to the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding worldwide, coordinates and organizes the World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) between August 1-7. Breastfeeding is very important in the initial stages of a
Know dandruff to No Dandruff
If you have an itchy and flaking scalp, you may be a suspect of a common skin condition called dandruff. But it may also cause other symptoms like greasy/oily patches on the scalp or tingling skin. The main causes of
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5 Nutritious foods for babies
There are a lot of baby-friendly foods out there, but after years of analysis, here are a few recommended foods that stand out from the pack. Bananas: Banana is a good source of carbohydrate and it is considered the grab-and-go
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5 Makeup mistakes that everyone should avoid
Makeup nowadays is considered a genuine art form. With one small mistake, your whole appearance can be ruined. Like many things in life, constant practice is something that makes us perfect. It usually takes people years of experimentation and most
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Things you shouldn’t do during lice infestation
Head lice are a common problem that usually affects school-aged children and middle-aged women. They get attached to the hair and never let it go. It doesn’t matter whether the hair is clean or dirty, head lice occur no matter
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