Tips to reduce stress and bask in the joy of motherhood
Being a mother is not an easy job whatsoever. Juggling between work and the kids can take a serious toll on both physical and mental health, if not taken care properly. Here are some tips on how to reduce stress
The best skincare tips for dry skin
Suffering from dry skin? Then you are in the right place. We have some wonderful tips here to help you overcome this troublesome issue, especially in the winter season. Among the wide variety of causes, few major reasons are due
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5 Weight gain foods for babies
Some kids just do not seem to gain weight and there are multiple reasons behind this. The reasons sometimes might be genetic or the babies might not receive the proper nutrition they require. Metabolism plays an important part in the
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4 Tips to avoid diaper rashes
Diaper rash in babies is mainly caused due to irritation by stool and urine, sensitive skin and sometimes when the diapers are too tight. These form in warm, moist places and look like red splotches. They are usually formed in
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How to reduce tan lines
Tan lines are the unwanted streaks and stripes that usually form on your arms, face and neck region, but also appear on skin areas that your clothes cover. The worst thing about the tan lines is they stick around for
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