severe acne
Wondering how to get rid of severe acne? Even after trying all the remedies, you have no clue? Then it is not on the outside but inside. Most of you would find that usual topical creams don’t work well for
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fungal infection
One of the most common skin infections for which people visit a skin specialist is a fungal infection or ringworm. This infection is neither painful nor burning but can get uncomfortable. These infections are called ringworm because they appear in
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Nappy rash
Nappies or diapers are oh-so-convenient for the baby. But have you realized that these diapers can be really heavy and can cause skin rashes? The pained look in the eyes or the frown on your baby’s lips says it all.
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Head Lice
HEAD LICE – THE OMG INSECT Have you got an itching head? Do you feel the urge to scratch your head frequently? OMG! Then your head may be a home to lice. Head lice are often found on the hair
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Skin care tips for your little bundle of joy
Skin care tips for your little bundle of joy  “Squishy! Squishy!”, “Awwww!” and “So Cute!” are expressions of joy while touching a baby’s skin. Smooth, soft and a nice scent is what we feel. But do we realise that it
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