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Best skin care practices for older people

Posted on 21st May, 2019

The skin is a natural barrier protecting your body from the external environment. It becomes less effective as aging occurs and becomes easily dry and less robust when it comes in contact with irritating substances. Few simple skin care strategies can be taken to keep the skin healthy.

Healthy skin:

Consider your skin as a brick wall, then the skin cells are the bricks and the complex mixture of fatty acids becomes the mixture of cement holding the skin cells altogether. What happens when this mixture of cement goes insufficient? The wall becomes unstable and can also collapse. The same goes for your skin when it is not packed with enough water content, dryness occurs and for worse, irritants find it easy to penetrate through the skin.

These things can be prevented by taking two precautionary actions:

Avoid Irritants – The Devil of the Day:

Avoid the skin from coming in contact with the substances like detergents and soaps that tend to break down the natural fatty acids leading to itching and dryness which eventually makes the skin sore. Older people are suggested to avoid normal perfumed soaps and bubble baths as they cause skin dryness.

As an alternative to soaps, they are prescribed to use soap substitutes like non-perfumed white creams which are likely to moisturize the skin rather than to dry it. Washing-up-liquid, cleaning products, laundry detergents, and fabric conditioners are the other substances that older people should be careful about while coming in contact. Wear a protective glove when handling these products.

Use Moisturiser – The Fairy of the Elderly:

Use of moisturiser is highly recommended for older people and many options are available in the market and can be picked based on the skin type. Sometimes, people despise using a greasy ointment for every-day use as they are too sticky. Lotions are watery and less likely to get absorbed. That’s where creams come in to action, they moisturize the skin well and are also cosmetically acceptable. Applying moisturiser right after bath/shower is a good practice. It is also recommended to use the moisturiser whenever the skin gets dry (typically two to three times a day).

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