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Basic Rules for Hair care: Do it gently!

Posted on 5th Feb, 2018

We all care for our hair. Every day we shampoo, condition or oil it. But there are basic rules that we forget to take care of.  Apart from these basic rules, you should also care about your diet because it’s always healthy foods that support and nourish hair growth. Healthy food should include iron-rich foods like leafy vegetables, fruits, and fish. It is suggested by the doctors that you should consume 12 mg of iron daily.

Here are some of the basic rules you mustn’t neglect:

1. Don’t panic if you lose a few strands of hair every day.

2. Wet hairs are fragile and can easily break. So while combing, keep this in your mind and comb it gently. Use a broad tooth comb.

3. Cut the end of your hair every week to remove rough split ends.  Also, it’s not good to wash your hair daily. Instead, use some conditioner and oil.

4. Last but not least, use shampoos with ingredients that suit your hair. Don’t just go for big names. Avoid using perfumes for your hair. The chemicals present in the perfumes can harm your hair.

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