We all have seen X-men movie series and we know Mystique with her blue skin and extra-ordinary shape-shifting skills. But we don’t really know that apart from mutants, there are some people, in normal life, who have blue complexion.

In medical terms, this skin condition is known as Argyria. Argyria happens when your body is too much exposed to Silver which, over time, leaves a long-lasting effect. Prolonged exposure to small amount of silver or heavy exposure at one time can cause this abnormality. Though rare, Argyria isn’t known for causing serious threats to life, but having a bluish skin type really looks alien.

Paul Karason, the man with blue skin who died at the age of 62 became an Internet Sensation when he discussed about his Blue-man syndrome in NBC’s Today Show in 2008. He earned the nickname “Papa Smurf” due to his white beard and blue skin. In 2013, another case was reported in Daily Mail, of a woman, Rosemary Jacobs who suffered from the same abnormal condition which developed at the age of 11. According to her, nose drop was the reason behind her condition.

Symptoms of Argyria:

Obviously, the one and the most observable symptom will be your skin color turning up blue. At first, it appears as a small area in your body but with time, it can cover your whole body and this depends on the quantity of silver your body is exposed to. Other areas or parts of your body can also indicate signals of Argyria which include:

  • Nail beds
  • Conjunctival membranes
  • Mucous membrane

Sources responsible for silver concentration in your body

  • Antimicrobial health tonics
  • Medication that contains silver salts
  • Colloidal silver dietary supplements, usually marketed as “cure-alls”
  • Silver sutures used in surgery
  • Silver dental fillings